What is Dahua’s Full Color camera?

1. Overview

Dahua Technology’s full-color camera captures vivid color information even in low-light conditions. It effectively extracts the color features of scenes – be it human, vehicle or details – in places with high crime rate such as a park at night or a dark alley, providing great help to police officers during the evidence obtaining procedure. In addition, the full-color camera also works with AI functions to further enhance the probability and accuracy of target recognition and feature extraction.

24/7 Colorful monitoring:
Presents colored images and captures vivid detail in low light conditions.
• Significantly increases probability of collecting valid human, vehicle, and event evidence through brighter monitoring

Excellent video quality in darkness:
• Provides warm and smart auxiliary light to guarantee image clarity even in total darkness.
• Prevents rain reflection and does not attract insects.

Up to 98% AI accuracy at night:
• Supports integration with recorder to achieve AI search and improve retrieval efficiency.
• Filters false alarms and allows human and vehicle classification to focus only on target of interest.

2. Core Technologies

A. Large Aperture Lens

  • F1.0 super aperture collects 2.5 times amount of light compare with F1.6 aperture.
  • More light, brighter image.

C. Advanced ISP

  •  Dahua ISP 4.0 greatly improves Signal to Noise Ratio and color reproduction

B. High Performance Sensor

  • 30% increase in photosensitive capacity using larger sensor part.
  • Use new Sensor

D. Warm Light

  • Blue light weighted radiance is 40% below European Union standards.

3. Application Scenario

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Source: https://www.dahuasecurity.com/