UNV ColorHunter Product

Most crimes happen at night which provides more convenient conditions for criminals.
In video security, color-related information is crucial to identify events details especially at night. But in the low light, people, vehicles can easily hide in the background, which makes it difficult to distinguish critical elements.

UNV ColorHunter camera is available, coupled with a supplemental light for extremely dark scenarios.
ColorHunter cameras guarantee video with colorful details when you need them. In addition, the ColorHunter camera can also work with smart intrusion prevention to further enhance the probability and accuracy of feature extraction.

1. Product Introduction

2. Core Technologies

A. F1.0 super large lens

F1.0 super large aperture collects 4 times

amount of light compare with F2.0 aperture.

B. Friendly lighting LEDs

Warm light LEDs guarantee lower light pollution and maintain the true color in the low-light environment.

3. ColorHunter Performance

4. Application Scenarios

A. Parking lot


  • Cannot record the clear vehicle and people in the parking lot.
  • The light in the parking lot is dusky.
  • Most crimes happen in the low-light environment.


  • Colorful monitoring around the clock.
  • Provide extra light to reduce construction cost.
  • The friendly warm light is not dazzling and won’t disturb the driver’s vision.

B. Residential


  • Cannot record the colorful and clear video when the crimes happen in the night.
  • There are low light areas around the villa and it is difficult to ensure personnel safety.
  • Cannot trigger the people alarm in the low light.


  • 7*24 colorful monitoring guard in the courtyard.
  • Provide colorful information of intruders for investigation.
  • The friendly warm light can act as a street lamp.

C. Parks


  • The lack of lights in the park at night gives criminals the opportunity.
  • Most crimes happen in the low-light environment.


  • Provide colorful monitoring around the clock.
  • Provide extra light to light up the road and reduce construction cost.

D. Alley


  • Dark alleys are high incidence areas of crime.
  • Monitoring is relatively less, and it is difficult to capture key information due to insufficient light.


  • 7*24 colorful monitoring and focus on human and vehicle.
  • Provide colorful information of criminals for polices to catch them.
  • Better evening illumination in the alley keeps community members feeling safe and comfortable.

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